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Lumia smartphone with Windows 10 ARM spotted running Adobe Photoshop


ARM-based processors have been getting a lot of attention lately and companies are now coming up with ARM-supporting variants of their operating system as well as apps. With Apple transitioning from Intel to its own Apple Silicon, we expect to see a lot of developments for ARM-based Windows 10 in the near future.

However, there are already a few devices available in the market which runs Windows 10 on ARM. And take advantage of that, Adobe recently released a beta version of its Photoshop for Windows on ARM devices.

Photoshop Running on Lumia Smartphone

Now, a user who goes by “imbushuo” on Twitter has managed to run the Photoshop app on Microsoft’s Lumia smartphone. However, it’s noteworthy that the device is running a modified version of the Windows 10 on ARM operating system.

Although Microsoft has given up on its Lumia smartphones, users are still tinkering with the older models. Earlier this year, a group of developers managed to port the full Windows 10 operating system on Lumia 950

and 950 XL smartphones.

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Developers have also managed to add Continuum support as well as a custom phone dialer app on a Lumia smartphone running Windows operating system

. They even reached the ability to detect the SIM card on the device.

We don’t expect the Photoshop app to run properly on a modified smartphone which is about five years old, but it’s interesting to see developers making such progress, boosting the development of Windows on ARM project.

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