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Lumi by Pampers Smart Baby Monitor, and more baby tech is on sale


I believe that nobody is really ready for a baby. Those lovely and beautiful little angels fill our lives with joy, but things can go sideways in a matter of seconds. Fortunately, we have more help than our parents, as technology is always looking to make our lives easier. With that in mind, we have selected some of the best baby tech deals that are currently available, so you can spend more time enjoying time with your kid instead of worrying about things that can easily be solved.

Deals start with Lumi by Pampers Smart Baby Monitor, which is getting a $56.51 discount, which will let you get one for $172.49. This monitor will give you HD video and sound to check out your baby’s status without having to be in the room. It also features WiFi, night vision, temperature, and humidity tracking, so you can have peace of mind.

Now, there are other baby monitors to consider. We find the Cubo Ai Plus Smart Baby monitor selling for $239 after a $60 discount that will be available if you add the on-page coupon. This device will also alert you if your baby has his or her face covered, and you will also get sleep analytics. Or go for a more affordable VTech Upgraded Smart Baby Monitor that’s currently selling for $127.45 with $22.50 savings, or a Smart Baby Monitor by Project Nursery that’s selling for just $77 after a $52.99 discount.

    Lumi by Pampers Smart Baby Monitor
    Cubo Ai Plus Smart Baby Monitor
    VTech Upgraded Smart Baby Monitor

A thermometer is a must for new parents, and there are tons of options to choose from, but if you get the VAVA Smart Baby thermometer for kids and adults, you can currently save $20. This means that you can get yours for $60. It has a 24-hour battery life, meaning that you can check your baby’s temperature constantly, and it will also alert you if there’s a fever. You can also check the temperature of your child’s room with the Sense-U Baby Breathing Monitor that will also track your child’s rollover movement and breathing at the same time.


You may also want to get a new moleath Baby Bottle Thermometer, just to make sure your baby’s bottle isn’t too hot or too cold. You can get one for $16 with 50 percent off. This will give you instant readings of the bottle’s temperature through its LCD display, and if the milk is already too cold, you can also warm it up in Baby Brezza Safe & Smart, Electric Baby Bottle Warmer, and Baby Food Warmer that’s selling for $51.06 with $18.93 savings.

    VAVA Smart Baby Thermometer
    Sense-U Baby Breathing Monitor
    moleath Baby Bottle Thermometer

Now, if there’s something that I wish I had when my two babies were born, it is a smart baby lamps" 51989 rel="nofollow" target="_self">lamp with white noise to make them get to sleep asap. You should get one; you’ll thank me later. The best part is that you can currently get them on sale. The Meross Smart Baby Night Light White Noise Machine is currently getting a $10 discount, which leaves it at $60 or get Plug in White Noise Sound Machine for $32.95 with $7.04 savings.


And for those of you who want to have better control of your child’s weight gain, you should also check out the Hatch Grow Smart Changing Pad and Scale. It will measure how much your baby is eating and drinking, as well as providing a soft and comfortable place to put your kid when he or she has a little surprise for you. It is currently up for grabs for $130 with $20 savings, and there are two color options to choose from.

    Meross Smart Baby Night Light White Noise Machine
    Plug in White Noise Sound Machine
    Hatch Grow Smart Changing Pad and Scale

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