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Logitech launches the G603 wireless mouse, keyboard & mouse pad for gamers in China


Logitech continues to build its accessories and devices with greater attention to wireless capability for its product. The company recently launched three new computer accessories for the Chinese market that can be combined to build a wireless gaming desktop. The products include the G613 wireless mechanical keyboard, the G603 Wireless Mouse, and the G840 ultra-wide mousepad.Logitech G613 wireless mechanical keyboard


The products have all been released in other markets outside China but this is the first time they are hitting the Chinese market. The G603 Wireless Mouse utilizes a new generation of Hero optical sensors, known as the most advanced game sensing solution. The strong point is that it can provide a report rate of 1ms and a zero smooth adjustment of DPI between 200 and 12000. The G603 also comes with six programmable buttons and features the ultra-fast Lightspeed wireless receiver. The mouse also supports Bluetooth connectivity.

The mouse is powered by two AA batteries that can keep up with up to 500 hours of gaming in Hi mode (1ms report rate). The battery life is said to last up to 18 months in Lo mode (8ms report rate).

On its part, the Logitech G613 wireless mechanical gaming keyboard features the same Lightspeed wireless receiver onboard. It also comes with Bluetooth connectivity. On the left side of the keyboard are 6 programmable G keys. The keyboard mechanical keys utilize the ROMER-G switches which Logitech claims are 25% faster and 40% more durable than standard mechanical switches. The keyboard doesn’t have a built-in battery instead, it is powered by two AA batteries with up to 18 months of shelf life.


Although the three products have been listed in China, their prices are not known yet. Outside China, the G603 mouse is priced at $70 (~RMB 461), and the G613 keyboard is on sale for $150, while the mouse pad is $50. All three products are expected to go on sale in China next month.



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