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Logitech G333 is the brand’s first gaming ‘in-ear monitors’ priced at $50


Logitech has been silently building its accessories and devices with greater attention to wireless capability for its products. The premium Logitech Pro X wireless headset which the company released in 2020 has been very successful. However, with the release of its first-ever wired in-ear monitors (IEMs), well suited for gaming applications, the product dubbed Logitech G333 marks a big shift from the trend aid product development in the company.Logitech G333 wired in-ear monitors

At a cost of $50, the Logitech G333 wired in-ear monitors have three colour mix variants namely silver/light purple, black/bright blue, purple/yellow. and seeks to attract gaming enthusiasts with a more comfortable gaming experience from a snugly-fit device. The move to wired in-ear devices in favour of the wireless alternative may be seen as counter-productive but it may be a deliberate decision by the company to pinpoint the relevance of wired applications even in the face of a trend of wireless devices over the past years.

The G333 in-ear monitor has as accessories a 3.5mm jack and a USB-C adapter. It is quite easy to connect the device to any gaming platform including PC and mobile games and enjoy gaming content of your choice, whether it is Xbox, PlayStation, or Nintendo.Logitech G333 wired in-ear monitors


The G33 has a close resemblance to Logitech’s Oculus 2 headphones from 2020, although a few modifications are apparent, including a powerful microphone, and a layout and general audio quality which the company insists is at par with the predecessors of the G333. It is hoped that this affordable in-ear monitor will provide a superior gaming experience for gamers across all the gaming platforms.


The G33 sells for $50 and is expected to be swarmed by gaming enthusiasts due to its affordability and relative quality. The G333 wired in-ear monitor is now available online through Logitech and a number of retailers.



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