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List of 2021 Samsung flagships includes Galaxy Z Fold FE but omits Galaxy Note series


Samsung announced the first FE phone in 2017. The Galaxy Note FE (Fan Edition) as it was called was a revamp of the ill-fated Galaxy Note7 that was eventually recalled. This year, Samsung launched the Galaxy S20 FE, a more affordable version of the S20 series and it promised that more flagship phones will get FE models. Now, a list of upcoming Samsung flagships for next year has revealed the Galaxy Fold series will also get an FE model.

The list of devices was posted on Twitter by Max Weinbach (@MaxWinebach) and it includes a total of seven devices, some of which we already expect to be announced.

The list includes the Galaxy S21 FE, which should be the successor to the Galaxy S20 FE, and also mentions the already known members of the Galaxy S21 series. There is also the Galaxy Z Fold 3, the Galaxy Z Flip 3 (not 2?), and the Galaxy Z Fold FE.

Of all the devices on the list, we are most excited for the Galaxy Z Fold FE, as it means the large foldable series will be getting a more affordable model. We do not know how much it will cost but a price tag of under $1500 at launch seems plausible.

In a reply to the tweet, Max mentions that three of the devices will have S Pen support. We already know the Galaxy S21 Ultra is one of the three devices

, thanks to recent leaks. We have also heard reports that the Galaxy Z Fold 3 may have support for Samsung’s stylus. If we were to take a guess, the third device will likely be the Galaxy Z Fold FE.
Samsung Galaxy Note 20 and Galaxy Note 20 Ultra
The Galaxy Note 20 series may be the last of the Note line

While this list should get Samsung fans excited, it should also be surprising to them as there is no mention of new Galaxy Note models. Back in August, it was reported that Samsung may kill the Galaxy Note series next year

but info from Korea said new Galaxy Note models will be announced in 2021 whilst confirming that there are indeed talks to kill the series.

With the Galaxy Note 21 series missing from the list of 2021 Samsung flagships, it may mean a decision has been taken already and the legendary Galaxy Note line has been terminated.

Which phone are you most excited about? Do let us know in the comment box and also share your thoughts about the other devices on the list.

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