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LIFX shows off new filament style bulbs, switches, and more at CES 2020


These new products are due to arrive in Spring 2020.

What you need to know

  • The filament-style bulbs, also known as Edison bulbs, will come in three glass versions — smokey, amber, and clear.
  • LIFX Switch is a four-way switch that will be able to control both dumb and smart bulbs.
  • There are two new Z range LED strips — the 360 designed to go all around the back of your TV and a smaller kit for gaming monitors.

LIFX is known for its hubless smart lighting solutions that offer bold colors and high brightness, and the company is broadening its offerings at CES 2020. LIFX announced all-new filament style bulbs and a smart switch, and is also expanding its line of LED light strips and candle bulbs.

Firstly, the new Filament range of bulbs will be much like the popular Edison style bulbs — offering a unique aesthetic to your lighting set up. While the bulbs may have an old fashioned filament-style look to them, the bulbs will retain the same smart features that the other LIFX products do. These new bulbs will come in smokey, amber, and clear glass finishes with availability slated for Spring 2020 for $29.99 each.

The other all-new product LIFX unveiled is its new LIFX Switch. It is designed to remove the frustration that inevitably happens when a wall switch gets flipped, making your smart bulbs useless. The LIFX Switch is a four-way switch that can control both dumb and smart lights, allowing for smart controls to be still available after the LIFX Switch is used. It will be available in a black or white finish, due out Spring 2020 for $119.99.


LIFX also took the opportunity of CES to expand its line-up of Z range Lifx LED strips — the 360 and gaming kit. The 360 comes in lengths to surround the backside of your TV set, and also includes connectors designed to handle corners. The gaming kit will be of similar style, only will offer shorter lengths for the smaller monitors — available this spring for $69.99 for the gaming kits and $99.99 for the 360.


Finally, LIFX is expanding its Candle Color bulb to a tunable white option. This will allow you to get that candle look while maintaining only the various temperatures of white you desire. Due out this spring for $29.99.

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