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Lifetime Plex Pass is down to $78 right now — but you need to act fast


Plex is a local streaming service that lets you stream content from your media library to all devices in your home. While the service itself is free to use, there's a Plex Pass tier that brings a host of exciting features, including the ability to download shows to your phone or tablet for offline viewing, recording live TV broadcasts, shared libraries, and so much more.

Plex Pass is usually $4.99 a month, $39.99 annually, and the lifetime pass costs $120. But right now, there's a 20% off on the lifetime subscription using promo code SEEYA2020 that brings it down to $96. But you can use an easy workaround where you change the country in the credit card payment window to Brazil to bring the cost down to BRL399, which is just $78. The deal itself is valid only until 11:59am PT on December 18, so sign up now at Plex to unlock the $42 savings on the lifetime Plex Pass subscription.

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Plex Pass | $42 off at Plex

Use the promo code **SEEYA2020 ** and change the credit card payment country to Brazil to bring the lifetime Plex Pass down to just $78. This deal won't last long, so if you're interested in Plex, you should act right now.

Plex Pass unlocks the mobile sync feature, which lets you download TV shows and movies straight to your phone or tablet, allowing you to watch them offline. There's also the option to automatically upload photos and videos from your phone to your home server, so if you have a NAS for Plex

, you can easily store your photos and videos directly on the storage enclosure.

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A standout feature is the ability to record live TV broadcasts using a digital tuner, and you get hardware transcoding, shared libraries, and so much more. Honestly, there are more than enough features on offer here, and if you use Plex a lot, it makes a lot of sense to pick up Plex Pass.


The lifetime Plex Pass subscription went on sale just two weeks ago during Black Friday, so it is surprising to see the service discounted once again so soon. But what this means is that if you missed out on getting your hands on a Plex Pass for 35% a few weeks ago, now is your chance to remedy it. The deal is only valid for 48 hours and ends at 11:59 am PT on December 18, so if you're a Plex user and want the additional features, sign up for lifetime Plex Pass for just $78 using promo code SEEYA2020 and changing the region to Brazil.

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