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LG’s mobile business in a tough spot, as the LG V60’s successor could be on infinite hold


We keep getting more bad news for every LG fan out there. The company has had a hard time trying to make its mobile phone business deliver favorable results. This has caused the company to kill off its G-series to introduce new devices that could fit into the mid-range tier, if not for their high price tag. Still, Its V-series is has managed to stick around, with the LG V60 being its most recent iteration, but new information could also make the V60 LG’s best flagship for many days to come.

We’ve seen LG go into unexplored smartphone territory with several devices that make up part of LG’s Explorer Project that has delivered the likes of the LG Flip. We were also expecting a new rollable device, which was recently put on hold, as rumors of a possible sale of the company’s mobile business surfaced. Whatever the case, we were expecting the LG V60’s successor to arrive this year, but a new report from South Korea’s Chosun outlet claims that this device may be on infinite hold.

“According to an official familiar with LG Electronics on the 26th, LG Electronics and some mobile operators decided not to proceed with the field (field) test schedule, such as Rainbow’s network linkage, scheduled for the end of February. LG Electronics originally planned to release Rainbow in March after completing the field test in February” (According to machine translation).


Rumors suggested that LG was working to deliver two new devices in March, Rainbow and B Project. Rainbow was expected to be a classic flagship that would make part of the V-series, while B Project was supposed to be a new rollable phone. Rainbow was expected to complete field testing last month, but the possibility of LG’s withdrawal from the mobile business may have also interfered with the phone’s launch.


Only time will tell whether we end up getting the LG V60’s successor, as this is just another rumor. The company has already denied canceling its rollable phone project, so LG may once again come to the scene to confirm the arrival of the possible LG V70, even though it may take a bit longer to launch. This device is expected to arrive with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 processor and Wacom active stylus support, so it would be a shame not to see it hit the shelves.

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