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LG Wing to arrive in H2 to redesign the Second Screen to a rotating design


Despite shaking up its line-up with the recent LG Velvet, nothing seems to have changed in terms of how the company is approaching the foldable trend. Instead of having a display split in two, LG went with a more conventional approach of the Second Screen, which is, as its name implies, a physical secondary display that you attach to your phone via a case.

While still not considering foldable displays, LG, according to a recent report from Korea, might be redesigning said Second Screen, making it a swivel design rotating screen as seen in the illustration above.

The device is rumored to be the LG Wing (probably a codename at this point), and is expected in the second half of the year, ETNews reports.

The way this would work is that the main 6.8-inch display will rotate (swivel) in a T-Shape to reveal a second 4-inch display underneath it.

The report also notes that the difference between the current Second Screen, and the redesigned rotating screen is one of user experience. While the first one had productivity and multitasking in mind, the latter is focused on immersion. This would open up scenarios like displaying images on the main screen, and having editing options displayed on the secondary display.


The report also notes that said LG Wing is already in the development stage, with a second half of the year launch in mind, probably at the upcoming (online-only) IFA 2020.

Source: ETNews

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