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LG unveils the WashTower, a single-unit smart washing machine and dryer set


LG Electronics has unveiled its newest laundry solution which will be officially announced “virtually” at IFA 2020. The product is dubbed LG WashTower and is a washing machine and dryer combined in a single unit with LG’s latest technologies and smart features.LG WashTower

LG WashTower offers total clothing care and ultimate user convenience. This innovative new home appliance will be available worldwide this year, with availability starting next month in North America.

Unlike competing stacked washers and dryers, LG’s WashTower is designed from the ground up as a “one body” solution. At the beginning of the wash cycle, the integrated unit indicates how long it will take to complete both washing and drying. The washer also shares information with the dryer, which automatically sets the optimal course and preheats the drum, contributing to better results and shorter overall laundry times.LG WashTower

Unlike a stackable washer and dryer where each appliance has its own control panel, the WashTower boasts the convenience of a single, intuitive interface. Located between the washer and dryer for easy access, the all-in-one Center Control makes it simple to manage every aspect of LG’s complete laundry solution.


With the height of LG WashTower approximately 87 millimetres lower than the average combined height of stackable units, loading and unloading the top-mounted dryer is measurably easier. And WashTower doesn’t scrimp on capacity, with a maximum load of 17 kilograms for the washer and 16 kilograms for the dryer.LG washTower

It equally incorporates LG’s most-advanced laundry and smart technologies, providing customers with both outstanding performance and ease-of-use. Thanks to TurboWash 360° and Artificial Intelligence Direct Drive (AI DD), the washer feature guarantees fast, gentle and cleaner clothes, detecting the weight and softness of clothing to calculate the best setting for every load. Its advanced AI reduces cycle times and energy usage without sacrificing effectiveness while the dryer utilizes LG’s steam technology to deliver maximum hygiene, eliminating 99.99 percent of common bacteria.

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