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LG showcases an array of flexible and rollable displays at the SID 2020


A few years ago, there were speculations that flexible display which would feature on foldable phones were the next big thing waiting to happen in the industry. Since then, number of flexible display-packing models have hit the ground running but the technology is still not ready for mass adoption. Display maker LG is working on some solutions to fast track the adoption of the technology.

The Korean giant has showcased its next-generation OLED technologies at the 2020 Society for Information Display (SID) conference being held online. The company already has quite some experience in display innovation and this year, the focus seems to be of bendable displays.


In the company’s “Unlimited Design Freedom Zone” there’s a large 65-inch TV that unrolls its screen from above when needed and hides from sight when not. A smaller 12-inch version of the same technology is expected to make its way to car infotainment systems and desktop displays. The third SID wonder is transparent touch screens. From wardrobe covers to smart mirrors and windows, the applications of this technology are quite diverse.


Finally, the fourth tech on display is LG’s 13.3-inch Foldable OLED that can be used to turn a large tablet into a laptop. The company also showcased a number of other more conventional screens but these flexible models stand out. However, we are not so sure if they will be available in the market anytime soon.

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