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LG showcases a bunch of OLED displays at CES 2021


LG has showcased its OLED display innovations at CES 2021. These include a 55-inch transparent OLED Smart Bed, a rail and pivot OLED, a transparent OLED as well as a bendable display. The LG OLED Smart Bed is an OLED screen with adjustable height that can be placed at the foot of a bed. The company says it can achieve up to 40 percent transparency and you can see through it even when it is displaying an image. The 55-inch OLED Smart Bed can also analyze your sleep patterns and act as an alarm clock. It also comes with built-in speakers as well.

The company has also introduced a 55-inch Rail & Pivot OLED, as reported by Android Authority. Essentially, the display rests on a rail system and can slide itself out from a ‘hidden’ position to multiple angles. There is also a 55-inch transparent OLED display, which could be used for public utility. It was shown being used on a subway, displaying information about routes along with the time and weather. LG aims to let commuters enjoy an uninterrupted view of a city while receiving information from the screen.


The company also revealed the 48-inch LG Bendable Cinematic Sound OLED (CSO) Gaming TV. It has a paper-thin display that bends and unfolds with a curvature radius of up to 1,000R. It comes with cinematic sound OLED (CSO) technology as can be made out from the name.

LG also showcased a demo where customers were seen sitting in a restaurant in front of a 55-inch transparent LED that displayed the menu as well as things like a sports game. It could allow customers to talk to people such as the chef, through the display. It has a 23.1-inch in-Touch stretch display

below the 55-inch OLED that allowed the customers to select entertainment, make purchases, or call the chef.

Apart from these, the 88-inch 8K Cinematic Sound OLED was also showcased that is aimed at home theatre setups. According to the company, the Cinematic Sound OLED accurately produces all the sound effects directly from the screen without any additional speakers.

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