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LG Rollable Bluetooth SIG certification gives us more hope for its arrival


Right from the day LG teased the Rollable smartphone, it has been in the news frequently. After drifting between reports of the project getting halted and back to life, here we are with a new Bluetooth SIG listing.

LG Rollable Smartphone

An LG smartphone with a model number LM-R910N appears on the Bluetooth certification website. It mentions the name of this device as ‘LG Rollable‘. The qualified design for this also seems to be an end product and will feature Bluetooth 5.2 connectivity.

LG broke the news of a new Rollable smartphone briefly at the LG Wing launch. Then, it came out with a product video and showcased the design back at CES 2021. However, soon after this, LG got struck with a new controversy.

Reports said that LG will soon be quitting the mobile business and with it, the LG rollable will also be halted. That said, thanks to a company spokesman’s statement, the hopes of the smartphone making its way to the retail markets are still on.

Anyway, apart from the name and Bluetooth info, the listing doesn’t reveal any crucial information. Speaking of which, the specs regarding the LG Rollable are minimal right now. However, it should be the second device under the LG Explorer project termed as ‘Project B’ courtesy of earlier reports


Regarding the launch, few rumors say that the company has pushed the timeline from Q1 to Q3 of 2021(July-September) but lets for official info.



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