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LG Gram 2021 laptops packing Intel’s 11th-Gen processors, a new design unveiled


Korean tech giant LG has officially unveiled a new lineup of its Gram laptops. The 2021 edition of the Gram series consists of five models of which three are clamshell models while the remaining two are convertible models. The lineup features a new design as well as some internal upgrades.LG Gram 2021

The three clamshell models include the LG Gram 17, Gram 16, and Gram 14. While the two convertible models include the Gram 2-in-1 16 and the Gram 2-in-1 14. The LG Gram laptops are known for their lightweight build from where the name Gram was derived from. The largest model which is the Gram 17 2021 weighs just 2.98 pounds which is the same weight as its predecessor. On the other hand, LG Gram 16 is just 2.62 pounds while the Gram 14 weighs 2.2 pounds.LG Gram 2021

The 2021 Gram 17 adopts a 16:10 display which offers more vertical space than a traditional 16:9 panel. Further, LG says the new clamshell models have a new “four-sided slim bezel design” which achieves a screen-to-body ratio of 90 percent. The laptop also comes with small bezels which adds to the overall aesthetic.

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The 2021 Gram models also come with an enlarged keyboard and touchpad “for comfort and efficiency.” However, where the laptops see the most change i in the internals. All of the new Gram laptops have Intel’s 11th-Gen Core processors and can come with Iris Xe graphics or UHD graphics. All of the models are also certified through Intel’s Evo program, which is an Intel badge meant to certify the laptop can get at least nine hours of battery life, wake from sleep quickly, and other features. LG claims the Gram 17, Gram 16, and 16 2-in-1 can deliver up to 19.5 hours of use.


“Synonymous with unprecedented portability and first-class performance, the LG gram brand continues to raise the bar for the ultra-lightweight and slim laptop market,” said Jang Ik-hwan, LG senior vice president and head of the company’s IT business unit, in a statement. “With sleeker, more refined designs and 16:10 aspect ratio displays, while maintaining their lightweight, our latest LG gram lineup gives consumers the ability to enjoy better productivity and more immersive viewing experiences wherever they go.”

LG is yet to announce the pricing and availability details.

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