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Lenovo Smart Clock Essential is now on sale in the US for $49.99


At the end of August, Lenovo announced a number of products and one of them was Smart Clock Essential. This clock is a toned-down version of the company’s Smart Clock that launched in 2019. It is priced at $49.99 and €59.99 in the US and Europe respectively. The Chinese computer maker said that it will be available st arting October and keeping its word, the company has now put it on sale across multiple retailers in the US.


Lenovo Smart Clock Essential Featured

The new Lenovo Smart Clock Essential is a slightly different product than the original Lenovo Smart Clock launched last year. Unlike the older model that has an LCD panel, this one features a 4-inch LED display to only show time, day, and weather along with an option to set timers.

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Being a smart cock powered by Google Assistant, it comes with a 1.5-inch 3W speaker and 2 x far-filed microphones. Additionally, it also features a nightlight with a maximum brightness of 31 lumens and a USB Type-A output port to charge smartphones and other gadgets at the back.

Talking about the design, the new clock is similar to the costlier model with fabric cover all over its body and buttons for volume control, play/pause, and alarm at top. Also, it sports a microphone mute toggle at the behind alongside power-in port.

Lenovo Smart Clock Essential Nightlight

Last but not least, the Lenovo Smart Clock Essential comes in a single Soft Touch Grey color option and includes Amlogic A113X chipset, 4GB RAM, 4GB eMMC storage, dual-band WiFi 5, and Bluetooth 5.0.

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