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Lenovo K13, Moto E7i Power, and Moto E6i get Bluetooth certification


The sixth-generation Moto E series debuted in mid-2019 with the release of the Moto E6. Motorola went on to release three other phones in the series – the Moto E6 Play and Moto E6 Plus in 2019 and the Moto E6s in 2020. However, it appears Motorola isn’t done with the series yet even though it has announced the Moto E7 series. The Blue tooth SIG has certified a new model called the Moto E6i along with two other Motorola and Lenovo phones.


The Moto E6i was certified alongside the Lenovo K13 Power and the Moto E7i Power. The new Moto E6 phone has model numbers XT2053-5 and XT2053-6. The certification page shows that it has Bluetooth 4.2.

Moto E6i-Moto E7i Power - Lenovo K13

The Moto E7i Power should join the Moto E7 and the Moto E7 Plus as the third model in the Moto E7 series. When it launches, it will be the first Moto E Power phone in almost five years. The last one was the Moto E3 Power released in 2016. We expect the E7i Power to have an amazing battery life as one of its top features when it launches. The phone will have three market variants seeing as there are three model numbers.

Bluetooth SIG also certified the Lenovo K13, which is surprising considering that the Lenovo K12 series was announced just two months ago. However, it appears the Lenovo K13 will be a rebadge of the Moto E7i Power as its model number XT2097-15 is a variant of the Moto E7i Power’s model numbers.


We don’t know when these three devices will launch, but now that they have been certified, we can expect them to be announced in the coming months.



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