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Lenovo also showcases a true wireless charging tech called ‘Motorola One Hyper’


Earlier today, Xiaomi announced a new charging solution called ‘Mi Air Charge’. This technology is capable of charging smartphones and other gadgets wirelessly over the air. A couple of hours before this announcement, Lenovo also shared a demonstration video of its true wireless charging tech on Weibo.

Lenovo Motorola One Hyper True Wireless Over The Air Charging Technology Featured

Chen Jin, the General Manager of Lenovo China Mobile Phone Business Department posted a video on Weibo before Xiaomi’s big announcement. The video demonstrates the company’s true wireless charging tech.

Lenovo calls this over the air charging tech ‘Motorola One Hyper’. It is weird for the company to name its innovative solution after a budget smartphone from late 2019.

That said, the video showcases a black-colored device (true wireless charger) and two smartphones, which look like Motorola Edge/Edge+. These handsets start charging without any contact with the charger over the air when they are placed at 80cm and 100cm away respectively.

At the end of the video, the person demonstrating the tech places their hand in the line of sight of the charger and the phones. At that moment, the devices stop charging, which suggests that Lenovo has engineered this charging stand to terminate charging when a human or any foreign object is detected, for safety.


Unfortunately, Lenovo hasn’t shared any more details about this technology. But the video does confirm that this charging tech is based on Qi and it can be used to charge up to seven devices.



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