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Learn Python with this bundle of classes from basics to advanced instruction


If you’re looking for a career in information technology, or just want to learn about one of the most popular programs being used today, then this premium Python certification bootcamp bundle is the route you need to take.

Python is a programming language that allows companies to integrate their systems effectively. It is used by countless companies and individual designers and programmers around the world.

This bundle of classes will include 13 different topics and more than 40 hours of information. They are designed to cover the basics for beginners all the way up to advanced level instruction. In total, there are more than 500 individual lessons offered throughout the training.

Starting with Python for beginners, the classes then cover topics such as image processing, working with Django, ethical hacking and using artificial intelligence with Python. Classes get increasingly more complex, moving into topics such a web automation, automating Excel files and more. It concludes with learning Python 3 by developing your own game.


Each topic is covered in depth. As an example, the courses on ethical hacking cover 39 lessons over more than four hours of training. It will begin with an overview of ethical hacking, then allow you to write your own hacking program. You’ll continue to create different hacking programs and tools, and wrap up with discovering scripts that can be customized and used in different hacking scenarios.


These classes have been well received by students who have taken them in the past. rated from 4.2 to 4.8 out of five stars. That shows you that students are getting a lot out of the instruction.

If taken individually, these classes would be valued at $2,585. But for a limited time, the entire Python bundle can be yours for just $34.99, a savings of more than 98 percent.

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