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Leaked photos of Xiaomi’s upcoming foldable phone running MIUI 12 emerges


Over the past two years, the tech industry has seen a gradual proliferation of foldable phones. Several OEMs have been working on their own models but Samsung, Motorola, and Huawei have been leading the pack. Xiaomi has equally got something in the works but since 2019 when it was first teased, nothing concrete has been revealed. That may change soon as a device said to be a foldable phone has leaked online.Xiaomi foldable

The device was spotted in the hands of a user inside a subway in China and it is similar to what Xiaomi’s VP showcased a few years back but this one has a bigger display. The device which looks like an engineering prototype is sort of masked by a protective casing.

However, from the crease line on the screen, we can tell that the device uses n in-folding design similar to the Galaxy Z Fold. The device is also shown as running MIUI 12 OS.

Going by the size of the device, we suspect the device will be quite bulky even when folded. But then, this could be one of the several foldable phone prototypes Xiaomi is working on.


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There was a rumor last year that Xiaomi’s foldable phone is likely to drop this year and will be available in three different foldable designs. The foldable phones are said to adopt three different industrial design forms, namely, external fold, internal fold, and clamshell.Xiaomi foldable phone


Xiaomi foldable phones are rumoured to use UTG (ultra-thin flexible glass) technology from Samsung. The current engineering machine is said to support a 90Hz refresh rate but is expected to be upgraded to support a 120Hz refresh rate in the future.

According to previous revelations, these three folding screen devices are expected to meet with us this year, let us wait and see.

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