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Leaked Google document suggests a foldable Pixel is slated for late 2021 debut


Back in May last year, Mario Queiroz (Google’s head of Pixel development) confirmed that the company is experimenting with the foldable smartphone form factor a>. Now, a leaked Google document accessed by 9to5Google

suggests that the foldable Pixel smartphone might arrive in the fourth quarter of 2021.

Codenamed “passport”, the device in question is clearly classified as a “foldable” and is labeled as “Q4 2021”, most likely referring to a launch window. But that is all we know about the foldable Pixel smartphone from the leaked document, and it is unclear if Google is opting for a book form-factor like the Galaxy Fold or a clamshell design akin to the Galaxy Z Flip.

However, a patent that emerged back in March last year hinted that Google is toying with the idea of a clamshell foldable phone

. Queiroz mentioned in his interview that the company is waiting for a genuine use-case fueled demand to emerge for a foldable phone. But with multiple brands already deep in the game as of 2020 and Android fully adding support for foldable devices, now might be the right time for a foldable Pixel.

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