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Leak reveals the new Mi MIX and Mi 11 Pro will be exclusive to China


Last year’s Mi 10 Ultra was not only Xiaomi’s highest-end flagship but also one of the best premium phones released. Sadly, the device is China-exclusive and not sold in other regions. A leak has revealed that two of the phones Xiaomi plans to release tomorrow will also not be made available outside its home country.

According to the Twitter account, Xiaomiui (@xiaomiui), the Mi 11 Pro will not get a global launch as it will be exclusive to China. In a quoted response to the original tweet, the account says the new Mi MIX phone codenamed “cetus” will also be exclusive to China. However, both devices will be announced at the global event.

It is not all bad news. In a reply to a question under the original tweet, the account revealed that the Mi 11 Ultra will be available for global markets including India. This should be good news for those who wanted the Mi 10 Ultra but couldn’t get their hands on it. However, there is a chance availability will differ with respect to markets.


For those sad about the upcoming Mi MIX which is expected to be a foldable phone, if earlier reports are to be believed, Xiaomi has plans to launch three foldable phones this year. So there is a high chance that at least one of them will be available globally.

The Mi 11 Ultra is not the only phone launching tomorrow that will be available outside China. The Mi 11 Lite

will also be available for global markets and it will be announced in 4G and 5G variants.

Since there is no confirmation about the info above, we advise our readers to take it with a pinch of salt.



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