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Latest OnePlus 8/8 Pro Open Beta update wipes user data

In late October, OnePlus released OxygenOS 11 Beta 3 for OnePlus 8 and OnePlus 8 Pro. Turns out the company mistakenly pushed OxygenOS stable update to open beta users. This resulted in a factory reset for many users as changing the build channel wipes the entire phone. Anyway, the company quickly responded with a workaround on Saturday (November 7).

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In case you are not aware, OnePlus has three OxygenOS release channels namely Closed Beta, Open Beta, and Stable. The brand releases two builds per month in the first channel and a single build in the other two channels.

Users can switch between Open Beta and Stable channel by downloading and installing the appropriate update file from OnePlus community. But this process wipes the entire phone.

Further, new OnePlus smartphones ship with “Automatic system updates” turned on in Developer options. Because of these two reasons, as the company wrongly pushed OxygenOS stable build in the Open Beta channel, the units that got the update downloaded and installed it automatically.

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Normally, once the update gets installed, users are prompted to reboot the phone. So when the affected users rebooted their device, they were surprised to see their phone booting with the setup screen.


These users quickly reported the issue on OnePlus Community and Oneplus released an APK as a workaround. In case you are using OnePlus 8

or OnePlus 8 Pro running the Open Beta build and the latest update got installed automatically, then you need to download this APK, launch the app, and select “KEEP DATA”.

Once done, you can now reboot the phone without losing the data. As per OxygenUpdater (via Aamir Siddiqui of XDA), this application blocks the system from completing the entire installation process of the update.

That said, the company has now suspended the build from the OTA server. Anyway, if you happen to install it by mistake, make sure to follow the above steps to avoid losing your data.

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