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Last year’s best Android smartwatch is heavily discounted for Black Friday


Galaxy Watch Active 2Source: Android Central

If you have an Android phone and are on the hunt for a new smartwatch this Black Friday, you have plenty of options to choose from. Whether you want a watch that's focused on health/fitness, something with a classy design, or one that combines both of those things, the options are virtually endless.

Trying to find the best Android smartwatch during Black Friday can be a tricky thing, but one that stands out as something special is the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2.

The Galaxy Watch Active 2 isn't the latest smartwatch in Samsung's lineup, but it's packed with ample features and specs, and is available for a great price during Black Friday. The watch normally sets you back $250, but right now, it can be yours for only $180.

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Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 | $70 off at Amazon

A year after its release, the Galaxy Watch Active 2 is still one of the most well-rounded smartwatches on the market. It has a sleek and compact design, a gorgeous display, and a powerful operating system with features for just about everything. At $180, it's an amazing deal.

With "Active" in its name, you'd expect the Galaxy Watch Active 2 to be well-suited for health/fitness features. Thankfully, it succeeds with flying colors in that department. The Galaxy Watch Active 2 is able to track a variety of workouts — ranging from walking, running, cycling, rowing, swimming, and more. There's automatic workout detection for certain activities, along with a running coach that gives you advice for your run in real-time. There's also a heart-rate sensor for 24/7 monitoring of your ticker and built-in sleep tracking so you can see how many ZZZ's you're getting each night.


When it comes to more smartwatch-y features, the Watch Active 2 comes out just as strong. It has a clean and responsive interface, tons of watch faces to choose from, powerful notification support, and a fair selection of third-party apps.

The Galaxy Watch Active 2 compliments its robust software with equally-impressive hardware. Available in 40mm and 44mm sizes, the Active 2 is wonderfully compact and lightweight — something we can't say about a lot of other smartwatches on the market. Pair that with IP68 waterproofing and Qi wireless charging, and you have a pretty complete package.


You could spend a bit more money on newer watches like the Galaxy Watch 3 (which is also on sale for Black Friday), but at $180, the Watch Active 2 comes with unmatched value that's hard to ignore.

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