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Kids can learn the magic of coding while you save some cash on Cyber Monday


Cyber Monday is the perfect time to pick up a coding kit from Kano for your child. Kano makes some of the best kits to help get into the world of coding. Not only are these kits of great quality, but they also offer varying degrees of skill levels. Kano is offering great discounts on some of their newest and most popular coding kits of up to 50% off. So what are you waiting for, get your child started with coding and have fun!

You have the force within

Kano Star Wars The Force Coding Kit

What kid, or adult for that matter, wouldn't love to be a Jedi — or choose the dark side — and control the force. This kit lets your child build a 3D motion-detecting sensor that interacts with the step by step coding. They can create their own story and enter the world of Star Wars to fly an X-wing or TIE fighter and battle stormtroopers or Rebels. Regardless of what side is chosen, your child will learn new skills and have fun doing it.

$50 at Amazon

Control the magic

Kano Disney Frozen 2 Coding Kit Awaken The Elements

Your child can choose to be Anna, Elsa, Kristoff, Sven, or Olaf and awaken the elements with the 3D motion-sensing device they get to build. Then with the simple step-by-step coding challenges, they get to create their own Disney Frozen adventures. With so many magical choices like creating rainbow snowflakes, throwing snowballs, making fractals, conjuring their own ice palace, and so much more, the excitement to learn will never stop.

$50 at Amazon

Spells abound

Kano Harry Potter Coding Kit – Build a Wand

Entering the magical world of Harry Potter becomes a reality with this kit from Kano. Starting by building their own wand and bringing the magic to life with over 70 creative coding challenges lets your child create creatures, make feathers fly, goblets fly, and more with endless play options. They even get to unlock iconic locations like Hogwarts, Diagon Alley, Hogsmeade while casting spells and learning along the way.


$50 at Amazon

Build more than just the program

Kano Computer Kit

To most kids, computers are just things they can pick up and start using. With the build-a-computer kit from Kano, children get to build a computer from scratch with parts and step by step instructions. From there easy to follow coding instructions, let your child create art, games, and music. Since they are making a real computer, there is even access to the internet — including YouTube, Tux Paint, and more. Your child will get the full experience of creating a piece of technology and knowing how it works completely.


$99 at Amazon

Time to get moving

Kano Motion Sensor Kit

Gestures are all the rage these days. From controlling video games to phones, there are so many things that can be controlled by a wave of the hand. The Kano Motion Sensor Kit lets your child learn how to build their own sensor and even follow the simple steps to code movements. They can use those motions to create art, music, play games, and oh so much more. This kit will not only get your child moving but also spark a love for coding and creativity.

$15 at Amazon

Bring technology to life this Cyber Monday

Getting kids into STEM activities are a great way to expand their knowledge of how things they use and see everyday work. Paring that education with the fun of Kano coding kits on Cyber Monday is almost too good to pass up. Whether it's using the force with Star Wars or the chilly wonderland of Frozen 2, your child will be creating some magical moments while learning invaluable skills.

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