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It will take two more years for iPhones to bring a ‘Persicope’ Telephoto lens


It’s a cycle – new iPhone launches, and within a month we start getting rumors about the next iPhone, and within six months leaks about iPhones that are 2 years away start trickling in. The latest leak says that iPhones will adopt a “periscopic telephoto lens” in 2023, which means the feature is still 2 years away. For reference, the periscope telephoto lens has been a part of Android flagships from Samsung and Huawei for a while now.

No hurry, take your time Apple

The latest development comes from MacRumors, which cites TF Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo to report that Apple will introduce a periscope telephoto lens on its iPhones in 2023. The feature is touted to allow for significant improvements in optical zoom capabilities. On the other hand, Samsung introduced 100x zoom with the Galaxy S20 Ultra, which was meh but improved it significantly with the Galaxy S21 Ultra. The iPhone competitors are already offering this feature, and are far ahead in zooming capabilities.

Previously, Kuo had said that he expected Apple to adopt a periscope lens in 2022 iPhone. However, it appears he now believes that won’t happen until 2023.


Kuo details the path for next three iPhones

Apart from the said feature for 2023, Kuo also detailed the camera features of the upcoming Apple iPhones. The high-end 2021 iPhones are also slated to feature an upgraded telephoto lens. Apple could upgrade from a 5-element lens to a 6-element lens. Further, rear-facing camera improvements coming to high-end iPhones in 2022 will focus on the telephoto lens. The company might be upgrading from a 6-element lens to a 7-element lens for the ‌iPhone‌ 14.


New FaceID transmitter on 2021 iPhones

Kuo also detailed a feature for the upcoming iPhones. The analyst believes that Apple will adopt a new Face ID transmitter that’s made from a plastic material instead of glass. However, it is not clear if this design change will have end-user benefits for ‌iPhone‌ owners or if it will simply mean a reduction in production cost for Apple.

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