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Is there a new Google Pixel 5 Pro on the way?


The Google Pixel 5 was one of Google’s first devices to arrive without a larger ‘XL’ variant. Google also decided to go with a less powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 765G processor instead of the Snapdragon 875, which is found in this year’s flagship devices. However, there may be a reason for these changes, as it seems that we could have leaks of what seems to be a new Google Pixel 5 Pro.

December has arrived with leaks of a couple of ‘new’ Google Pixel smartphones. The first one was a new Google Pixel XE, and now, we get leaked images of what could be a new Google Pixel 5 Pro. The leaked images of the alleged device were posted at SlashLeaks, where we can clearly read the Pixel 5 Pro under the Model & hardware and under the Device name sections. We also get to see a new front panel that doesn’t show a selfie camera anywhere, suggesting an under-display selfie camera.

However, these Google Pixel 5 Pro images should be taken with a huge amount of salt, as there is no further information about them. Maybe the only reliable information could come from the date and time reflected on the device when the images were captured. Another important detail is that the phone has been built on Qualcomm’s Kona platform, which means the Snapdragon 865 or 865+, which wouldn’t be so bad, but let’s remember that the SD 865 was launched some time ago. If we were going to get a real ‘Pro’ device, we would most likely see it arrive with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 5G processor under the hood.


Now, there may be a logical explanation for these images, as we could be seeing pictures of another device using Pixel Experience. Whatever the case, we don’t advise you to hold your breath waiting for this device, as we could just be looking at the creation of someone who was bored and wanted a good laugh.

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