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iPhone SE might soon become more affordable in India


Apple launched the iPhone SE in India for Rs 42,500 (~$558) which is pretty expensive as compared to US’ $399 price tag. However, the price might change soon and it could be made available for a cheaper price tag in India. A new report claims that Apple will soon start assembling iPhone SE in India to avoid 20% import tax.

The latest development comes from Apple Insider, which says that Apple has told at least one of its suppliers in China to start shipping components for the 2020 iPhone SE to India manufacturing partners. It could allow the Cupertino giant to work around hefty import taxes.

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The report comes two weeks after an initiative by the Indian government to increase manufacturing in the country. Apple is reportedly looking to shift roughly a fifth of existing China-based output to India. It might equate to $40 billion in local manufacturing revenues over the next five years making Apple India’s largest exporter in the process.


If Apple manages to assemble the iPhone SE in India, the smartphone could see a price drop in the country. The price gap between the Indian and the US pricing might be minimized soon.


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