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iPhone SE 2020 Boots using Motherboard of iPhone 8


Apple surprised everyone by launching a sub $500 iPhone when the world is facing a pandemic. The newly released iPhone SE 2020 is the cheapest iPhone ever after the original from four years back in 2016. But to price the device so cheap, the Cupertino-based tech giant used the same chassis and components of iPhone 8 from 2017. A teardown video on YouTube confirms it and the person even manages to boot the new device with the motherboard of the older model.

Apple is known for many things but not for cheap affordable products. But that has begun to change with the iPad 7th generation and the aggressively priced iPhone 11 from last year. Now, the company even undercut Android OEMs by launching the $399 iPhone SE 2020 featuring its flagship A13 Bionic chipset.

The American tech company is successful in doing this because only the chip, rear camera, and battery connector are different. Whereas, the other components are identical to the ones used in the iPhone 8

. The teardown video embedded above proves it by swapping the iPhone SE 2020 motherboard with the one of iPhone 8.

By doing so, the handset boots up normally and almost everything works including display, speaker, haptic engine, and front camera. Only the main back camera does not work as it could be a different module than the one used in iPhone 8, probably from iPhone XR


That said, not every company can pull a stunt like Apple. But if they do, then it can surely help a lot of people and even the company itself during these hard times.

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