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iPhone 12 series sees strong sales, but iPhone 12 mini might have ‘disappointed Apple’


Despite the Apple iPhone 12 series launch being delayed, the 2020 lineup was met with a positive reception overall and saw strong sales. However, the company might have been ‘disappointed’ with the iPhone 12 mini sales.


According to a CIRP report (Via 9To5Mac report), the iPhone 12 family accounted for 76 percent of new iPhone sales during the month of October through November just after the launch. Out of the entire lineup, the 6.1 inch base iPhone 12 model held the largest share of new iPhone sales in the US, with a 27 percent share. This was closely followed by the iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max, both of which accounted for around 20 percent of new iPhone sales in the US during the same period.

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This figure is higher than the iPhone 11 series during its launch, which only accounted for about 69 percent of new iPhone sales. In other words, the iPhone 12 series is the most successful iPhone lineup in the US during the period after its launch. But despite its great market performance, the Consumer Intelligence Research Partners report found that the 5.4 inch iPhone 12 mini model didn’t match up to Apple’s expectations.


Apple iPhone 12 Mini

As per the report, the Apple iPhone 12 mini only accounted for 6 percent of new iPhone sales in the period of October to November 2020. According to analyst Mike Levin, the reason for this might have been the pricing of older iPhone models like the 499 US Dollars iPhone XR and the 599 US Dollars iPhone 11, which might have been more attractive to prospective buyers.

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