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iPhone 11 Pro Max selfie camera makes the Top 10 on DXOMark


DXOMark added the review of selfie cameras to its itinerary in January last year. Since then, we have seen several phons’ selfie shooters get reviewed. The iPhone 11 Pro Max is the latest smartphone selfie that DXOMark would be reviewing. The smartphone had a score of 91 to rank among the Top 10 phones in DxOMark’s selfie cam charts.

The model edged out the Huawei P30 Pro which scored 89 points on the selfie camera charts. However, it is just a little below the Galaxy Note 9 which is ranked 9th. The score is 9 points higher than last year’s iPhone XS Max score put at 82 points.

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According to DXO Mark, the front camera on the iPhone 11 Pro Max offers a nice improvement in image quality over the XS Max. The addition of a wider lens on the new device is a big plus, helping you fit more into the frame and get better compositions in a range of situations. There are other strengths, too, including a higher score for focus, with both faces and backgrounds boasting good detail at a range of distances, and effective bokeh shots when you want to blur the background. Selfies pack plenty of punch outdoors, too, with accurate exposure on faces, and fairly wide dynamic range ensuring well-controlled highlights and skin tones even in very bright conditions. Also, the new SL 3D camera performs well when it comes to rendering bokeh in portrait shots.


The camera is shown to have lagged in the aspects of noise and low-light performance. The phone lost most points in the aspect of low light tests.

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