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iOS 14.5 will add a crowdsourced incident reporting tool to Apple Maps


The beta-testing of iOS 14.5 is in full swing right now. The latest beta build of iOS 14.5 brings a way to unlock your iPhone using the Apple Watch even if you’re wearing a mask. Additionally, beta testers have also spotted that they can now set a third-party app such as Spotify as the default music and podcast app on their phone. Now, it has been discovered that with iOS 14.5, Apple Maps is adding a way to report incidents, akin to what you’ll come across on Google Maps and Waze.

Incident reporting works via on-screen inputs as well as through Siri voice commands

As per a screenshot shared by Macrumors, the incident reporting feature in Apple Maps currently supports only three types of disruptive events – accidents, hazards, and speed checks. The crowdsourced incident reporting feature works with the Apple Maps app installed on your phone and your car’s dashboard as well via CarPlay.

Apple Maps
Image: CNET

Apple Maps now has a dedicated ‘Report’ button that will allow users to report incidents. However, users can also report an incident via voice commands by asking Siri to do so

. As per a Reddit thread documenting the new feature in Apple Maps, it appears that the crowdsourced incident reporting feature is only live for users in the United States, and doesn’t appear to be working for beta testers in Canada or other regions. Also, Apple is likely testing it only among a small batch of testers right now, and not all users running the beta build of iOS 14.5 on their phone.

The new Apple Maps feature is similar to what Google Maps and Waze already offer

As mentioned above, the new Apple Maps features in iOS 14.5 beta only supports reporting three types of incidents – accidents, hazards, and speed check. Waze and Google Maps, on the other hand, offer a much wider range. Google Maps, for example, lets users report incidents like an accident, traffic slowdowns, speed traps, ongoing construction, hurdles such as debris on the road, closed lanes, and disabled vehicles.

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