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Instagram’s new Live Rooms trick allows four souls to go live simultaneously


Looks like live group chats are going to be the next big social media trend. Clubhouse is generating some buzz these days. Twitter is doing Spaces. Facebook is now trying to one-up the audio-only rivals by introducing a video-centric take on it. The result? A new Instagram feature called Live Rooms that allows you to do a live broadcast with three other people. Or in simple words, four people can go live simultaneously.

Four people, with their own base of followers, will boost the reach. That's the secret sauce!

Instagram says that Live Rooms expand the monetization opportunities for creators, allowing the audience to purchase badges, participate in fundraisers, and click on the shopping links for products the hosts are hawking. In the coming months, Instagram plans to add more tools such as moderator controls and audio features to Live Rooms. So, what is it that Instagram is pitching with Live Rooms for its user base? Well, here it is:

“We hope that doubling up on Live will open up more creative opportunities — start a talk show, host a jam session or co-create with other artists, host more engaging Q&As or tutorials with your following, or just hang out with more of your friends.”

It will soon be available globally for all Instagram users

And in c ase you are worried about trolls and abusive people who raise hell in online broadcasts, Instagram says that if a user has been blocked by any four of the Live Room hosts, he/she won’t be able to join the live session

. And those who have previously violated Instagram’s live access guidelines will be blocked as well. Hosts will also be able to apply comment filters, as well as report and block comments.
  1. On the Instagram app homepage, swipe left and tap on the Live Camera icon
  2. Think of a great title for your four-person live broadcast and tap on the Rooms option to add the other three hosts.
  3. You can add all three guests at once, or you choose to add them as the live broadcast proceeds.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ll go live with three of my college pals on Instagram to talk about the pros and cons of pineapple on a pizza!

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