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HURRY! You can buy an LG OLED for under $1,000 if you’re quick


You'd be crazy not to buy an LG OLED TV for under $1,000.

I love my LG OLED TV. It's the first thing I bought for my apartment and it's one of my most used items. It offers incredible blacks, really vibrant colors and incredible brightness. It makes movies and videos look better than they do in the cinema and this is your chance to buy an LG OLED for cheaper than I've ever seen before.

The best TV under $1,000


$949 at Google Shopping

An insanely good TV at an unbelievable price

Seeing is believing and once you see the LG B9 OLED, you'll never go back to another TV. This TV has everything you could ask for, offers incredible blacks, has rich vibrant colors, and is the cheapest we've ever seen a current gen LG OLED TV. It's the best TV money can buy at an incredible price.

We've seen LG OLEDs for below $1,000 but they're usually last year's model. This deal, courtesy of BuyDig through Google Express is for the latest B9 OLED, which features an a7 gen 2 intelligent processor, 4k UHD resolution and 55-inches of incredible real estate. There's also support for Dolby Vision and HDR10, as well as HDR Dynamic Tone Mapping and upscaling of 4K content.


This TV runs on the LG WebOS TV platform, which features all the streaming apps you know and love. As part of a special promotion, this TV also comes with 1 year of Disney+ free of charge, which gives you access to hits like the entire Marvel collection, 30 years of The Simpsons and Christmas favorites like Home Alone.


To get this deal, visit this Google Shopping link and in the checkout, make sure to select the option that gives you an additional $121 off the retail price (if it doesn't show, use coupon code TEYIPH). This will drop the price to $948.99, which is an insanely good price for the best TV under $1,000!

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