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HUAWEI Women Developers program debuts with the goal of empowering women to lead


HUAWEI has just lifted the covers from its latest initiative – the HUAWEI Women Developers (HWD) program – which as the name suggests, aims to put women in the driving seat of innovation when it comes to domains like app development. The program aims to provide a support framework to women developers that includes everything from career development and skill training to providing a platform for proving their skills and exploring new opportunities for growth. Notably, the program is open for women developers from all across the world and is now accepting applications as well.

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HUAWEI Women Developers (HWD) program is open to participants from all across the globe

As part of the program, HUAWEI will provide courses for women developers, especially those covering domain-specific topics.

Those who are selected will also get a chance to attend HUAWEI Developer Day summits, participate in sessions with experts, exchange ideas, and attend interactions with other women leaders about technology, career development, and relevant industry experiences. HUAWEI will also provide access to its official channels for sharing the achievements of these women developers.

HUAWEI says that it wants to create a platform for women developers where they can exchange ideas, where they can be armed with both theoretical and practical knowledge to help them pick new skills. The end goal, as the Chinese company explains, is to open the doors for education and training that can equip women developers with the skills that are vital for success in the competitive digital economy.

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The company adds that with its latest initiative, it will offer women developers special incentives to encourage innovation and entrepreneurship. “We believe that women will lead technological innovation. We hope that the HUAWEI Women Developers program will help women better leverage their talents and unique value, and give them opportunities to demonstrate their leadership abilities. This will help make our world a better place,” Huawei Senior Vice President, Chen Lifang, said regarding the program. HUAWEI says that it has successfully run similar programs in Ireland, Argentina, Bangladesh, Kenya, and South Africa in the past.

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