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Huawei unveils the IdeaHub Smart Screen lineup for enterprise customers


Huawei recently disclosed that it would unveil a smart screen product targeted at its Enterprise customers on April 17. As scheduled, the company has officially launched the IdeaHub Smart Screen lineup. This comes just a week after the tech giant took the wraps off what should be its first OLED and thinnest smart TV yet- the Huawei Vision Smart TV X65.

The new smart screen lineup consists of the Huawei IdeaHub S, IdeaHub Pro and IdeaHub Enterprise. The new product lineup is described as a multi-functional smart terminal that integrates mobile and computer communication functions. It can also be used as a smart electronic whiteboard, for remote two-way communication, and professional video conferencing. They also integrate Huawei Cloud WeLink ecology and Huawei application market which are built-in to aggregate massive enterprise office and production applications to meet the various needs of enterprise collaborative office, collaborative research and development, and collaborative production.Huawei IdeaHub Smart Screen

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All three models come in two different screen sizes – 65-inch and 86-inch displays. The models equally support two installation modes as they can be mounted on a mobile bracket and on the wall. The IdeaHub Smart TV can be conveniently and flexibly deployed in many office environments such as conference rooms, open office areas, manager rooms and family study rooms. To meet the needs of the enterprise’s all-scenario smart office and team collaboration, it can also be used in many scenarios such as remote training and online tutoring.Huawei IdeaHub Smart Screen


IdeaHub Smart Screen – KEY FEATURES

Technology Aesthetic Art

  • Minimalist silhouette and details, friendly and accessible
  • Integrated through stretching, 360 ° without screws
  • Ballet legs art stand, stylish and light

Extreme Collaboration Whiteboard

  • 35ms ultra-low writing delay
  • Intelligent handwriting recognition
  • Two-way labelling, packing and taking away

Professional Telepresence Conference

  • Native WeLink Cloud Conference
  • H.265 1808p HD video
  • 4K 30-frame ultra-clear and smooth projection screen

Full scene AI assist

  • Intelligent sound screen, far-field beam pickup
  • Electronic brand name, spokesperson tracking
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  • Multimodal meeting record

Rich Cloud ecology

  • Open application market, 170+ application adaptation
  • Web push, self-built application entrance
  • Open hardware and software interface, easy to integrate

Check out some of the application scenarios from the video below.

The new IdeaHub Smart Screen series will be officially launched on June 8 on Huawei Cloud’s official website, Huawei Mall, Jingdong Mall, and other online and offline multi-channel channels. Huawei didn’t announce the prices so we’ll have to wait until the launch.

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