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Huawei trademarks “Mate” branding for eight new product categories


Huawei uses Mate branding for its flagship smartphones launched in the second half of every year, its laptops, tablets, and even foldables. Back in May, the company filed trademarks for “Mate Watch” and “Mate Pod”. The very next month, a smartwatch with this branding was rumored to debut alongside Mate 40 series. Now, the firm trademarks Mate branding for eight more product categories.

Though Huawei’s future is uncertain at the moment, it still continues to launch new products as well as file patents and trademarks. Also, it has been growing its ecosystem and is even developing its own operating system called HarmonyOS.

Hence, it’s not surprising to learn that the company filed Mate branding trademarks for eight product categories. This information was shared by @RODENT950 on Twitter and here are those trademarks.

  • MateVR
  • MateRobot
  • MateRouter
  • MateAR
  • MateBand
  • MateRing
  • MateHome
  • MateAuto

Usually, Huawei uses Mate branding for its premium devices. But going by the trademarks, the company may use it for all of its future products. In other words, Mate could become what Galaxy is to Samsung.

On the other hand, these are just trademarks that companies file from time to time. Not all of them are used for a final product just like design patents. Hene, we may or may not see Huawei using them in future.

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