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Huawei to launch new product worth 300,000 Yuan ($46K), might be an electric car


Earlier today (25th March 2021), a Weibo blogger, a Chinese microblogging website, shared an online post, which stated that Huawei is working on launching a product worth 300,000 Yuan (roughly 46,000 US Dollars) that could be its first electric car.


According to @看山的叔叔, the Chinese tech giant is working on a product with this eye watering price tag. Apparently, the new product will be a part of the consumer electronics maker’s Smart series of products and could even be an electric vehicle. If it is an automobile, it will likely be made by the company along with a partnered car making brand.

In the past, Huawei has stated that it is not planning on building a car, rather, it focuses on ICT technology and other internal components that will be featured in a vehicle. In other words, it is a supplier rather than a manufacturer, so we can expect the company to partner with an automobile vendor for its own car. Recently, the company had also announced that its HMS services will also be arriving in the Mercedes Benz S Class Sedans

that are sold in China.

Huawei Logo MWC 2019

Unfortunately, the Weibo blogger didn’t share any finer details regarding the product that carried an exorbitant price tag. But, if the leak is true, then it would likely be a car, considering the price tag is more in line with electric vehicle offerings from other brands like Tesla. So stay tuned for more, as we will be providing updates when additional information regarding this matter is available.




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