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HUAWEI steps up its in-house chip design capabilities


HUAWEI has been using mainly its own HiSilicon chips in its smartphones (with some exceptions), and is now reportedly preparing to ramp up its in-house chip design capability in an attempt to reduce its dependance on U.S. technology.

Unnamed sources cited by DigiTimes suggest that HUAWEI wants to achieve independence not only from the design, but also from the production standpoint.

In fact, Huawei is stepping up its efforts to be more self-sufficient in not only technology but also manufacturing, the sources indicated. For the Taiwan-based chipmakers engaged in the supply chain of Huawei, they may start encountering pressure to maintain orders from Huawei this year



Same sources noted that HUAWEI is also planning on rolling out, in the second quarter of the year, its own wired and wireless connectivity ICs.

Source: DigiTimes

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