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Huawei Smart Selection Camera Pro 64GB model goes on sale in China


Last year, in November, Huawei had launched the Smart Selection Camera Pro, the first camera to come powered by the company’s own HarmonyOS. Last month, the device went on sale in China for 299 yuan, which is about $46.

The device that went on sale in China last month for 299 yuan was the 32GB storage model and now, Huawei has officially started selling the 64GB storage version, which is priced at 399 yuan, approximately $62.

Huawei Smart Choice Camera Pro

The Huawei Smart Choice Camera Pro is a surveillance camera that has four highlights — HarmonyOS, secure built-in storage, AI smart detection+, and 2K ultra-high-definition picture quality. The camera can be placed in the child’s room and can achieve a 360-degree portrait that automatically tracks the child’s movement. It can also be connected to a screen in the living room or in the parent’s bedroom.

It also supports one-click video calls and NFC tags

which support one-touch fast network distribution. Thanks to the 32GB and 64GB eMMC flash memory, the device is capable of storing surveillance videos without an SD card. The read and write life is 5 times that of ordinary SD cards, and the speed is 10 times that of SD cards, claims the company.

The camera can be connected to a smartphone, providing live surveillance and other possibilities. For security, the HiLink SDK of Huawei Smart Camera Pro has obtained the highest security certification in the IoT field.



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