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Huawei seems to have begun development for EMUI 11


Huawei just recently debuted EMUI 10.1 with the P40 series in March. The company has also started rolling out the closed beta update for the same to eligible devices in China. Sadly, some of the global devices are yet to even receive EMUI 10, which was announced alongside Mate 30 series in September 2019. Nevertheless, the firm seems to have started working on EMUI 11, the next iteration of its mobile software.

Similar to Xiaomi, which has begun to work on MIUI 13, albeit MIUI 12 was only announced earlier this week, Huawei is also suggested to have started development for EMUI 11.

Huawei Member Center App Changelog EMUI 11

The existence of the next version of EMUI was spotted in the changelog for the new update of Huawei Member Center app on AppGallery in China. It clearly reads the app has been ‘optimized for EMUI 11’.

This is the first time we are hearing about EMUI 11, which is expected to be based on the next version of Android. We believe the development might have sort of begun since we will see the release of Android 11 Beta

from different OEMs alongside Developer Preview 4 this month.

In case you do not know, Google’s partners get access to the latest version of Android earlier so that they can start implementing their UI and features. But since Huawei cannot do business with American companies, we are not sure how they got this privilege.

Since Android is an open-source platform, Huawei can use it but the final release of AOSP (Android Open Source Project) Android 11 will be out for the public only in the second half of the year. So ideally, the development of EMUI 11 should begin at that time. But at the moment, the company could be using Android 10 base in initial stages and might shift to the next version later this year.

It is not known what features the next version of EMUI will bring. But we can expect deeper integration of HMS (Huawei Mobile Services) than ever before since it doesn’t look like the US government will lift the ban anytime soon.

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