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Huawei schedules event for September 10; poster hints at three new products


The Mate 40 series is not expected to launch until later in September, but before then, Huawei will be having another product launch event.

The event is scheduled for September 10 and the poster hints at the products that will be announced. Before we delve into the products, the date of the event is also the same date the Huawei Developer Conference 2020 is scheduled to start, so there is a possibility the products will be announced at the conference.

As seen in the poster shared on Twitter by @RODENT950, there are three images which we think are hints for the new products. The first is a notebook with a X, the second is a watch dial, and the third is a sound wave. We believe the first hints at a new Huawei MateBook X. Yes, we know Huawei just announced the MateBook X 2020 last week but that model is available with Intel processors. Knowing Huawei, there is most likely going to be a Ryzen version too which we believe will be announced on September 10.


The second is a watch dial and is a teaser for a smartwatch. Huawei has two new smartwatches in the pipeline – there is the Huawei Watch Fit and there is the Watch GT 2 Pro. Earlier reports have revealed the former will be announced in September while the latter will launch alongside the Mate 40 series. Sepetember 10 does sound like a good date for the Watch Fit to be unveiled.


The third image, which is of a soundwave, hints at the launch of a new audio product, most likely a speaker with a built-in assistant. There is also a chance it may be a proper launch for the FreeGo Portable Bluetooth Speaker that was first unveiled in June.

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