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Huawei opens EMUI 11/Magic UI 4.0 Closed Beta recruitments for 9 more devices


Last week, at HUAWEI DEVELOPER CONFERENCE (HDC) 2020, the company announced EMUI 11 as the latest version of Android skin. Unfortunately, it is based on Android 10 due to the US ban as the Chinese telecom giant could not work with Google. Anyway, it did promise to bring select Android 11 features in the future. That said, EMUI 11 Closed Beta was made available for 10 devices on the day of its announcement. Now, as promised, it opens closed beta recruitment for 9 more devices.

HUAWEI EMUI 11 Logo Featured

All the first batch of EMUI 11 Close Beta devices were HUAWEI-branded smartphones and tablets. But the second batch whose closed beta registrations have now gone live in China include 5 HONOR smartphones and 4 HUAWEI smartphones.

HONOR devices run a tweaked version of EMUI called Magic UI. Hence, the EMUI 11

update for eligible HONOR devices will come as Magic UI 4.0. The HONOR devices included in the second batch of closed beta rollout will be the first to get the latest version of Magic UI.

Having said that, there’s the list of newly added HUAWEI/HONOR devices in EMUI 11/Magic UI 4.0 Closed Beta program.

Huawei is currently recruiting closed beta testers for the above-mentioned devices only in China. The company is yet to announce the Closed Beta program for global markets.

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