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Huawei officially launches new FreeBuds Pro and FreeLace Pro earphones


Huawei’s latest presentation has also included the official launch of the long-rumored FreBuds Pro and FreeLace Pro. Two new pairs of headphones that come to improve what Huawei had already offered with the original FreeBuds and FreeLace earphones.

We will start talking about the new FreeLace Pro, as its Huawei’s latest neckband earphones with stylish design and intelligent noise cancellation. These new earphones retain several characteristics from the original FreeLace, as they include 24 hours long battery and USB-C fast pairing. Still, they now come with a better design and enhanced fast charging and battery life that you can top off in 60 minutes.

The new FreeLace Pro also includes improved noise cancelation, as it features a combination of active noise cancelation tech with leading robust noise-reducing algorithms. This new noise cancelation tech sets a new standard reaching up to 40dB, meaning that they will give you a reliable noise cancelation experience whether you’re doing sports, working, or commuting in crowded and noisy environments.

However, you also get a new Awareness Mode that will let users hear their surroundings, talk to people, and pay attention to whatever is happening around them without taking the earphones off. They come in three color variants, Graphite Black, Spruce Green, and Dawn White. They also feature Dual ANC, Bluetooth 5.0, and aIPX5 water resistance.

We now focus on the Huawei FreeBuds Pro, the world’s first intelligent dynamic noise-canceling earphones. These are Huawei’s flagship as far as earphones go. Noise cancelation in these babies can also go up to 40dB, but its intelligent and dynamic new noise cancelation tech quickly identifies the type of noise in the user’s environment and automatically switches to the best noise cancelation mode for the occasion.

The FreeBuds Pro also supports better HD sound quality, with a large 11mm dynamic driver and dynamic equalization. They support full dual connectivity across devices, so they can easily sw itch automatically between them. They also include Awareness Mode and Voice More, as they will let you hear your surroundings when it is required. Its Voice Mode will allow you to properly sear other people’s voices clearly, despite the noise around you, and it will also be useful to hear important announcements in train stations, bus stops, or airports.


As far as comfort goes, the Huawei FreeBuds Pro come with three varying sizes of silicone earplugs, which combine with a detection feature to allow users to find a perfect fit with the help of Huawei’s AI Life app. You can also choose between its new color options, as they will be available in Carbon Black, Ceramic White and Sliver Frost.

Huawei has also managed to add a customized dynamic suspension between the speaker and the dynamic driver, stabilizing the earphone’s acoustic system. This translates to a reduction in vibrations and the possibility of delivering crisp and clear sounds. We also find a new feature called Dynamic EQ Adjustment, which allows your earbuds to sense the user’s environment and automatically switch between three noise cancelation modes. These are the Ultra Mode, Cozy Mode, and General Mode – to effectively cut out environmental noise.

Now, if we focus on battery life, the FreeBuds Pro will let you make a call that can go for four hours, listen to seven hours of non-stop music on a single charge, or you get eighteen hours of calls and thirty hours of music with the charging case, but this is if noise cancelation is off. If you were to have noise cancelation on, you would receive three and a half hours for calls, or sixteen hours with your charging case, and four and a half hours of music playback that can be extended to twenty hours with your charging case. Still, you can easily charge them with wires or wirelessly. Charging with wires will get you 30% in ten minutes or 55% in thirty minutes, or you can go wireless and receive 18% and 32% with a ten minute or a thirty-minute charge.

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