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Huawei files two patents relating to electric vehicles and the driving system


Huawei has over the years established itself as an active player in the car manufacturing industry with several products and solutions aimed at making driving easy and fun. But last month, a report ahd emerged that the company was planning to make a full entry into the electric vehicles market. The move is said to be part of efforts to cushion the effect of the US ban which has resulted in the near collapse of Huawei’s smartphone business. Huawei

The report may have some truth it after all. A couple of patents relating to EVs have been spotted. Specifically, two patents filed by Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. titled “An Electric Drive System, Powertrain, and Electric Vehicle”. The patents were both filed on OCtober 21, 2021 and have the application numbers CN112436747A and CN112436779A.

The patent description published with the model bearing the application number CN112436747A shows that this application provides an electric drive system, a powertrain and an electric vehicle, which involve the technical field of electronic circuits. Among them, the electric drive system includes: a bus, an on-board charger, a three-level inverter circuit and a controller.


The second patent with application number CN112436779A is also for an electric drive system, a powertrain and an electric vehicle, which involve the field of power electronics technology. The electric drive system is connected to the power battery pack and includes a bus bar, a three-level inverter circuit, a DC-DC conversion circuit and a controller. The controller is used to control the first conversion circuit and the second conversion circuit. The electric drive system reduces the volume and cost.


These are technical terms which we may not understand but the bottom like is that Huawei may likely be working on its own EV. But bear in mind that the EVs may not hit use any time soon.




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