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Huawei could be working on a gaming console


While you might be having a tough time getting your hands on the next-gen consoles – including the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X – it looks like Huawei is preparing its own version for the gaming industry. The company hardly has any presence in the gaming segment and a gaming console would mark new beginnings for Huawei. Moreover, the Chinese manufacturer is said to be gearing up to launch a gaming laptop this year.

Huawei gaming

The latest development comes from a tipster on Weibo. A tipster @Tomato Prince claims that Huawei is planning to release its own game console similar to the offerings from Sony and Microsoft. Further, the tipster goes on to say that Huawei will launch a gaming laptop this year, which will mark its official entry into the gaming products field.

To recall, when Honor was part of Huawei, it launched a gaming laptop, the Honor Hunter V700 last year. Technically, the product was part of Huawei, and the upcoming gaming laptop from the company could have similar specifications. However, Honor has now been sold

to a government-backed consortium since then.

The gaming console would compete with the PlayStation and Xbox?

As for the Huawei gaming console, this is the first time we are hearing about this product. Interestingly, it is being compared to the PlayStation and Xbox. Hence, it could be a high-end console. The company could develop it in partnership with gaming software developers like Tencent to have popular games on its platform.


That said, we suggest you take the development with a pinch of salt. It isn’t verified information, and there is no official word on the launch of a gaming console. While a gaming laptop from Huawei seems to be coming soon, a gaming console sounds too good to be true. But we’ll see, if there is one under development, we should be hearing more about the product soon.

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