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How to watch Seattle Seahawks vs. Buffalo Bills live stream anywhere

This year the Buffalo Bills are no joke and continue to show that this year might be different from prior seasons. They're playing hard, tough football and even beat the Patriots last week. However, they'll have to face a vastly better offense in the Seattle Seahawks for Week 9.

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Honestly, I don't really know what to think about the Seahawks this year. Russell Wilson is having another MVP-type season, which is nothing new, but the team is just weird to watch. They have an insanely potent offense, but a defense that can't stop anyone. Scoring 30+ points each week isn't ideal, either.

This week Russell Wilson revealed he spends over $1 million a year to recover his mind and body after each season, and that he wants to play until he's 45 years old. However, if he keeps having to put up massive points because the defense struggles, that might be impossible.

Enough about the Seahawks, and how about those Bills? They look tough this year and could have the defense to finally slow down the Seahawks. As we said earlier, this might be the game of the week and absolutely one no fan wants to miss. Vegas is only giving the Seahawks 3-points, which means it's anyone's game.

Here's how to watch the Seahawks vs Bills live from anywhere.

Seattle Seahawks vs Buffalo Bills: When and where?

In week 9, the Seattle Seahawks travel across the country to take on the Bills at Bills Stadium. The game will be chilly, but we're not expecting any snow. Fans can tune-in at 1pm ET / 10am ET on FOX Sports. If you want to watch from the UK it'll be a late evening game at 6pm.

How to Watch Seattle Seahawks vs Buffalo Bills online from outside your country

NFL fans in the US, UK, Australia, or Canada have several ways to watch the game, which we'll talk about shortly. For those in the U.S. that are geo-locked or looking to watch the Bills using some other method, we have some tips.

In fact, that's where one of the best VPNs can really make or break your NFL Sunday. A VPN service allows you to virtually change the IP address of your laptop, tablet, or smartphone to one back in your home country or a different state so you can watch any game you want, anywhere you want.

VPNs are super simple to use, not to mention provide additional security while you're surfing the web. You have a lot o VPN choices these days, but we recommend ExpressVPN as your #1 option thanks to the overall ease of use, speed, and security. It's available on most operating systems and devices (e.g. iOS, Android, Smart TVs, Fire TV Stick, Roku, game consoles, etc). Sign up for ExpressVPN now and enjoy a 49% discount and 3 months FREE with an annual subscription. Or give it a quick sample with its 30-day money-back guarantee. Looking for other options? Here are a few VPN alternatives that are on sale right now.



No matter where you are in the world, a VPN is one of the easiest ways to watch Seahawks vs Bills this week.

How to watch Seattle Seahawks vs Buffalo Bills online in the U.S.

This week the Seahawks game airs on FOX, making it easy to watch for almost everyone. Fans with a traditional cable package can even log into the FOX Sports app and stream it from a PC, laptop, or tablet. Another option stateside is the official Yahoo Sports and NFL mobile apps.

Plus, over-the-top streaming services like FuboTV offer Fox Sports. We really love FuboTV because they offer all five channels that typically show NFL games each week (CBS, FOX, NBC, ESPN and NFL Network). Pricing for Fubo starts at $64.99 a month

, and you can take advantage of a FREE seven-day FuboTV trial. Free football!


Fubo TV offers access to just about every single NFL game that will take place during the 2020-2021 NFL season. If you don't want to miss out on any kick off or touchdown that takes place, you will want to sign up for the service now.

How to stream Seattle Seahawks vs Buffalo Bills live in the UK

If you're outside the U.S. you can still access NFL games in several ways. Those in the UK can tune-in with the Sky Sports NFL Channel

, showing six games each week. Plus, Sky offers the NFL Redzone which shows every single scoring drive on Sunday.

One of the six games they'll air this week happens to be the Seahawks vs Bills too, as they know it'll be a great game. So, it'll be really easy for NFL fans to watch. Additionally, you can watch Sunday's game with a NFL Game Pass Pro subscription.

Furthermore, consider getting a Game Pass Pro subscription. It's only £143.99 and gives you access to every single game of the 2020/21 season (subject to some blackouts) and this includes the playoffs, Super Bowl, and NFL RedZone. Game Pass Pro shows previous seasons on-demand, too.

As a reminder, use our VPN recommendation above if you're not home. That way you can log-in to a UK IP address and stream the game just like you would if you were sitting on the couch at home.

How to stream Seattle Seahawks vs Buffalo Bills live in Canada

In Canada, over-the-top streaming service DAZN shows several NFL games. DAZN owns the exclusive rights to air all National Football League games in the region. It's priced at CA$20 a month or $150 a year, and a DAZN subscription gets you access to Game Pass and NFL RedZone, in addition to several other live sports including Premier League and Champions League Soccer. Give it a try this year!

How to stream Seattle Seahawks vs Buffalo Bills live in Australia

We can't forget about Australia, which is far away but still has access to NFL Games. In fact, as long as you have ESPN you'll be able to watch some American Football. For now, ESPN owns the rights to air NFL games but they only show certain ones each week, so that's about your only option unless you use a VPN. You can access ESPN in Australia with Kayo Sports or most Foxtel TV packages offer ESPN too.

If you want to watch other sports, this over-the-top service will also let you stream Spain's La Liga and F1 racing, all for only $25 per month for a basic package or $35 a month for a premium pass. And finally, Kayo Sports is contract-free and offers a 14-day FREE TRIAL so you can try it before you buy it. Who do you think will win this week? One of these teams will likely advance to 7 wins on the season, while one will fall.

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