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Honor’s CEO says the goal is to surpass Huawei


This year is going to be a defining one for Honor as it is its first following its independence from Huawei. The manufacturer already launched its first smartphone, the Honor V40, since the split in November 2020. However, its global debut is what several folks are excited for as it is expected to launch with support for Google Mobile Services.

Europe is one of Honor’s key global markets but a Q3 2020 report shows it is not even in the top five. If it plans to get there, it will have to do so with new products which will be developed without the input of its parent company. This means no rebadged products and the likes. Will it be able to succeed? Honor’s CEO believes so.

Honor CEO, Zhao Ming

In a recent interview, Zhao Ming, who heads Honor, said that now that they are no longer bound by the restrictions of Huawei, their main goal for the year is to launch flagship devices that can compete with Apple and Huawei. He goes on to add that they are confident they can surpass their competitors including its former parent company, Huawei.

A leak from about a week ago revealed that the manufacturer has plans to launch three flagships

for the global market this year. They are the Honor View40, Honor 40, and a new Honor Magic phone.

While the focus seems to be on flagships, we are pretty sure Honor will not leave the mid-range and entry-level categories unattended. We expect the Honor 10X Lite, Honor 9A, and Honor Play 4 to get successors this year. We also look forward to new models for its tablet line.


Mr. Zhao says they are also planning their expansion into new markets, however, he says he is aware of the challenges that are ahead. While having access to chipsets and getting Google Mobile Services are important, launching competitive products is also very important. He revealed in the interview that he plans to strengthen their research and development department too.

We are eager to see what Honor comes up with this year and we are sure our readers are too.



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