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Honor Smartwatch HES-B39 and Smart Band CRS-B39S battery capacities leak online


Honor has not be as active as it had been in the past, which may be the result of Huawei facing several restrictions by the United States. However, we expect a lot more from the company now given that it has been separated from Huawei into an independent brand.

The brand is expected to launch two wearable devices in the coming weeks or months — Honor Smartwatch HES-B39 and Honor Smart Band CRS-B39S. Both of them recently appeared on FCC website, revealing some details.

Honor Smartwatch Battery Leak FCC

Honor Smart Band Battery Leak FCC

The listing confirms support for Bluetooth connectivity for both the devices while the Smart Band in question will support Bluetooth LE. Apart from this, the battery related information for both of them have also been revealed.

The Honor Smartwatch HES-B39 will have a battery with model number HB351731EFW and will have a capacity of 180mAh. On the other hand, the Honor Smart Band CRS-B39S will have a battery codenamed HB351329ECW with 100mAh capacity.

It has also been confirmed that the devices listed are production models and not the prototype, which means that these wearables could get launched pretty soon. FCC certification

is usually the last step ahead of the official launch.

The Honor Band 6 was recently launched in China and the Smart Band in question could be the a new variant of the same. But given the difference in the battery capacity, it’s highly possible that the device is an entirely new model. To know for sure, we will have to wait for the company of officially launch these new devices.




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