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Honor plans to ship more than 100 million smartphones in 2021: Report


After getting Independence from Huawei, Honor has opened several doors of opportunities for itself. It is currently in talks with companies like Qualcomm, MediaTek to procure chips for its smartphones. Today, a report says that the companies has another ambitious target for next year.

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As Mydriver reports, Honor‘s CEO Zhao Ming states that the company will become the No.1 mobile phone brand soon in China. Additionally, the company also plans a huge sales target in 2021. Citing a Sci-tech Innovation Board Daily news, it says that the company plans to ship more than 100 million units next year.

However, the report doesn’t shed a clear light on the sales target and their whereabouts. In any case, we do know that Honor won’t be the first company to achieve this. Chinese giant Xiaomi already crossed this two times way back in 2015 and 2018. Recently, it achieved the same target in India after 5 years of debut. Besides, it’s probably miles ahead in its home country now.

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A few weeks back, Huawei sold Honor to Zhixin New Information Technology Co. Ltd., reportedly for $15 billion

. This move comes at a time when Huawei is under a lot of pressure on all sides both hardware and 5G network front due to the USA’s actions. Also, Honor was recently placed US Commerce Department’s Entity list suggesting it would face a similar situation like Huawei.

That said, the company has now reformed itself, and says it’s business isn’t going anywhere. In fact, it has already started strengthening the offline market in China. Apart from the supply chain, the company also promises that its older devices won’t lose support anytime soon.

Also, as mentioned above the company is negotiating with Qualcomm and advancing the steps towards a deal with MediaTek. If it manages to cross this stage, it can procure the chipsets from the above companies and circumvent the absence of Huawei’s Kirin SoCs.

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