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Honor Hunter V700 Gaming Laptops launched, features NVIDIA RTX 2060 and 10th Gen Intel i7


Two years back, Honor entered the laptop segment with its MagicBook range of sleek and affordable notebooks. Today marks another milestone for the company as it enters a new product category with its new Honor Hunter brand. The first device in the Hunter brand is the high-end Honor Hunter V700 gaming laptop targeted at gamers who are looking for the best performance in a portable form factor.

Hunter Gaming Laptop Design

While many focus on the specifications of a gaming laptop, its design is just as important if not downright crucial. Honor has focused on both gaming aesthetics and heat management with its new Hunter series of laptops. The body of the new gaming laptop lineup is made from an anodized aluminum alloy body. For the RGB lovers, the Hunter logo on the rear panel lights up, and so does the keyboard and air vents that also have LEDs that light up the base, all of which can be controlled and customized.

Honor Hunter V700 Fingerprint
Honor Hunter V700 Fingerprint Scanner

Despite the laptop being only 19.9mm thick, Honor has boasted of its thermal management capabilities. Even with its beefiest variant, the laptop still ran cooler than other gaming laptops from competing brands. While other laptops ran over 90 degrees Celsius in synthetic benchmark and stress testing, the Honor Hunter only reached 89 degrees Celsius, which is impressive for a laptop that runs a processor that reaches 5GHz in clock speeds. The company accredited its better thermal performance to its new fan designs, which sucks in more air for cooling. This is also supplemented by the radiators and 240 cooling fins built into the laptops.

Honor Hunter V700 240 heat sink fins

Notably, despite heavy usage, the keyboard and, in particular, the WASD key positions barely saw temps higher than 48 degrees Celsius, which should make it comfortable for gaming for long hours. Furthermore, the hinge for the screen has also been tested 50,000 times to ensure the quality and durability of the laptop over the course of a few years.

Hunter Gaming Laptop Specs & Hardware

Arriving at the specs of the new Honor Hunter Gaming V700 laptops, the series features Intel‘s 10th gen processors, namely the i5-10300H or the i7-10750H. All three variants arrive with 16GB of dual channel RAM, with either 512GB or 1TB worth of NVMe SSD storage. Customers also get to choose between NVIDIA‘s GeForce GTX 1660 Ti and the RTX 2060 for graphics.

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The display on these laptops is a 16.1 inch panel which is surrounded by narrow 4.7mm bezels. Since its a gaming laptop, Honor is offering a 144Hz high refresh rate support along with 100 percent sRBG color gamut. Through these specs, one can expect to hit high FPS in competitive games like CS:GO, Valorant, DOTA 2, and League of Legends. It even supports WiFi 6 for better connectivity during online gaming.

Honor Hunter V700 Wi-Fi 6

Honor has also placed an emphasis on the audio output of these gaming laptops, which is an area most OEMs cut corners in. The Hunter V700 series features nahimic 3D surround sound audio, which helps in making the gaming experience more immersive. Interestingly, the laptops will also support wireless smartphone game streaming, which allows one to play mobile games by mirroring on the bigger screen of the laptop.

Honor Hunter V700 Nahimic 3D Audio
Honor Hunter V700 Nahimic 3D Audio

Hunter Gaming Laptop Battery & Ports

For ports, the Hunter V700 series features:

  • 1 x HDMI 2.0
  • 2 x USB 3.2 Gen1
  • 1 x USB Type-C
  • 1 x 3.5mm headphone jack
  • 1 x USB 2.0
  • 1 x RJ145 port
  • Power port

The battery is rated at 56Wh, which should get users a decent battery life with regular use, but it is advised to game only when the laptop is plugged in.

Honor Hunter Gaming Laptop Price & Availability

The Honor Hunter V700 Gaming Laptops are available in three variants:

  • i5-10300H / GTX 1660 Ti / 512GB – 7499 Yuan (roughly 1,109 US Dollars)
  • i7-10750H / RTX 2060 / 512GB – 8499 Yuan (roughly 1,257 US Dollars)
  • i7-10750H / RTX 2060 / 1TB – 9999 Yuan (roughly 1,479 US Dollars)

These will be available for purchase from 27th September 2020 and customers can also get the Honor Hunter Battle Armor Backpack to go along with the laptop, which is priced at 499 Yuan (roughly 74 US Dollars). The company has even collaborated with Cherry for a mechanical gaming keyboard with Cherry MX key switches. Looking at the pricing of the laptop, it is clear that it is competitively priced in comparison to offering from other brands with similar pricing. The deals around the 1000 US Dollar mark and below the 1500 US Dollar mark especially are on the sweet spot for pricing when considering the specs of these laptops.

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